Wild Pony

Wild Pony is a brand aimed to a woman that knows what she wants and looks for distinguished and special pieces, full of details.

A collection with fabrics of high quality and a sophisticated concept of fashion.

It’s the band to turn to when you want to acquire one of those “treasures” that remain in your wardrobe season after season, or when you’re searching for a stunning look that will make you stand out, be it for a special occasion or because it’s your personal style. With a sophisticated and trend-setting style, Wild Pony offers pieces that can work for an event or ceremony as much as for a special dinner or, combined with other types of more basic pieces, like jeans; the day to day. With a strong, elegant and atemporal nature with strokes of trendyness, it’s a brand accesible both for its concept and its price.

Sobriety, minimalism, architecture, love for detail, and sophistication are the bases of our Madrid-based brand.

WildPony Logo.png